My vision for the people of my area, my state and my country is centered around inclusive development.

I want the people of my area to have all the opportunities they can possibly have, to be the best they can possibly be. I want Madhya Pradesh to be a model state for what inclusive development looks like and I want India to be a country where everyone has the same rights and is set on a path to greatness.

India still needs equality in development across regions. I feel some parts of my own state have so much scope for development and given its central location in the country, and it can be so much more that what it is today. To this end, I aim to put all my efforts in boosting the economy of the region along with providing a high standard of living to all my people thereby, making Madhya Pradesh a state that is second to none.

I have a dream for a nation where every individual is empowered, their rights respected and their position in society valued. Every individual has a role in this process of building our nation, and it is my firm belief that we need each and every person to ensure that our India reaches much greater heights than it ever has in the past.

India’s rich heritage is her biggest strength. India has been a source of innovation, spirituality, learning and has been a repository of moral values for the world. While we must retain these attributes, we must also imbibe the best practices from the developed world. This must be achieved while retaining our core values and our ethos.

Simplicity, dedication and commitment of purpose is what I stand for. Brainstorming, ideation and turning those dreams into reality – that’s what I envision my work should stand for.

I believe in innovation which could lead to monumental change bettering the life of the people in my area. Therefore, I look for new models that bring about dramatic change in the area. My endeavour is to always identify need gaps, address and bridge them, because that is the job of a public servant.

What I try and look at is the gamut of all-round development across social and infrastructural indicators, along with a proviso of multi-skilling our young children to take them forward.

Every tenure of mine has been focused around the gamut of three models: development through a private sector route, development through government schemes route, and development through a hybrid of both, which is really a PPP model.

My passion to see a better tomorrow through all my efforts today from the learning of yesterday is what drives my calling of Public Service – JAN SEVA.