Jyotiraditya believes that sports are fundamental to life, as they provide a channel for entertainment, fitness and development. From a very early age, cricket has been his passion and it has been an honour and a dream-come-true to be able to contribute the game. He has been a part of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) since 2002, a BCCI Board Member and is currently the Chairman of the BCCI’s Finance Committee and Member of IPL Governing Council.

Jyotiraditya’s main focus has remained on two aspects of the game: improving infrastructure through building of stadia and skilling human resources. While the successes are evident in Gwalior and Indore’s world-class stadia, he finds it equally important to recognise the coaches who strive to propel participation in the game at a grassroots level.

Madhya Pradesh has had a lasting impact on the sport of cricket. The famous Holkar Stadium has contributed to raising the platform of cricket stadiums in India.  The team’s efforts have brought MPCA back onto the map of national and international cricket. Even more importantly are the star successes who have devoted themselves to training and are now representing the state in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Under-19, Under-16, and national teams.

The stadium in Shivpuri has now been connected to Gwalior Division Cricket Association and hosts MPCA matches.

In Madhya Pradesh, cricket is no longer dependant on divisional level but on district and block level performances. Jyotiraditya believes in a bottom-up approach to ensure that talent is sourced from the grassroots to shine at a national scale. In a country where cricket is hailed almost as a religion, it is important to make the sport an accessible one. He is proud of the level of cricket accessibility and synergy between the sport and community that has been established in Guna.