Know Me Better

The Scindia family has maintained a deep and strong bond with the Gwalior-Chambal-Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh for several generations. This bond emanates from a desire to serve. The state of Madhya Pradesh has immense capabilities and potential for the future, which can be manifested by emphasising development, progress, and empowerment of each and every individual. The team is constantly striving to build a better future for the people, through the means of developmental politics and a personal connect with the people.

Education remains a guiding force for Jyotiraditya. He began his schooling in Dehradun before completing his B.A. from Harvard University and M.B.A. from Stanford University. Given the influential role that education has played in his own life, he sees the pressing need for accessible quality education in India and rallies for a wider reach of good education. Education, both academic and vocational, is one of Jyotiraditya’s core focus areas in his political philosophy. Health is also an area that is of special interest to him and forms an important part of his policies and programmes.

For Jyotiraditya, the goal and vision of public service encompasses development, betterment, and sustained progress of every individual.