In The Constituency

Jyotiraditya Scindia has represented the parliamentary constituency of Guna, Madhya Pradesh since 2002.

As a Member of Parliament, he has tried to build a synergy between the development of Guna and the overall development of the nation. For him, growth is not limited to the provision of basic infrastructure like roads and power but also encompasses the implementation of social sector schemes, delivery of clean drinking water, establishment of better educational systems, and creation of hybrid systems for vocational training as well as focusing on the infrastructural development of the region as a whole.

Jyotiraditya’s​ core philosophy behind developing the constituency constitutes two approaches. The first is​ identifying pain points and implementing constructive solutions to these problems. This philosophy has led to the genesis of several key projects including the Guna bypass, railway over bridge and water projects. The second approach focuses on creating sustainable communities by using innovative models to drive long-term growth. This approach has been successful in spurring projects such as the Spice Park in Guna.

In his drive to ensure the inclusive development of his constituency, Jyotiraditya has embarked on a series of projects, some of which are detailed below.

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