Congress: BJP’s Land Bill is Anti-Farmer



Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia on Wednesday lashed out at the BJP-led government at the Centre for depriving the farmers of their rights and alleged that the Centre is working under the direction of the corporates.

“BJP promised “acche din”, if the “acche din” were 20 percent for the normal people and 80 percent for the farmers, then I would have believed that “acche din” had started,” Jyotiraditya Scindia said.

“After taking the farmers land, if the government cannot make profit from the land then the government should return it to the farmer,” he added.

Scindia claimed that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is the only person in the past ten years who has taken progressive steps for farmers.

“The government cannot take the land of famers without their permission, this is what the Congress party stands for” he added.

Earlier today, the Congress Party cornered the Centre on the Land Acquisition Ordinance and began a ‘ Zameen Waapsi Aandolan’ protest at the Jantar Mantar, highlighting that the government’s move is anti-farmer.

The Congress protest took place a day after veteran social activist Anna Hazare concluded his two-day demonstration opposing the Land Ordinance as well as the bill proposed by the government.